Permata PKPS’21|January-Orientation Week

Orientation Week- A word form the principal

Orientation Scrapbook Activities

Assalamualaikum to everyone. Alhamdulillah, we had completed our Permata PKPS Orientation Week successfully with majority of participants (students) came to school. 

Although the conditions are not in our favour, Permata PKPS would like to thank all parents for trusting us with your child’s education and safety. 

The rising cases of COVID-19 in Malaysia made us realise the importance of self care,therefore it is our duty to teach the students to also be wary of their safety. Thus, this orientation was organised with COVID-19 as its core theme.

In short, the orientation programs were divided into few categories: 

1. Colour the “First Day of School” poster.
2. Permata PKPS school tour and school tour quiz and school      passport.
3. COVID-19 Go Away Scrapbook a) Create a 3-D Flip Emoji        face mask b) Create a 3-D hand sanitiser art c) Create a          wash hand move-able art.
4. Sing COVID-19 Go Away song and virus song.
5. Draw and Colour school related activities 6. Ice breaking        sessions.

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