CMCO2 -November


Assalamualaikum everyone.

Besides using Google Classroom (GC) for our asynchronous Teaching and learning, We have now added Telegram and WhatsApp as our e-learning mediums to help students be involved with our new synchronous learning activity.
Our new Teaching and Learning (PdP) activities include:
1. Daily Audio-assisted Reading Video (GC and Telegram)
2. Daily 1 on 1 video call for online Reading (WhatsApp)
(a) Bacalah Anakku
(b) Peter and Jane
(c) Iqra
3. Scheduled E-subject videos (GC, YouTube and Telegram)
“Learn to Learn”. Take care and be safe everyone🥰

Photo Collage of Permata PKPS video call
and online reading

Permata PKPS YouTube E-learning Playlist

Let's work out!
Teacher Juraimah

Let's learn about Living and non-living things!
Teacher Asma

Hop alongside our Spring Bunny!
Teacher Amara

Learn the letter "Y" for Yo-Yo
Teacher Khalida

The very impatient cat
Teacher Mira

Permata PKPS Annual Graduation and Concert 2019

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