The Selangor State Paddy Loan Board (LPPNS) was established in 1966 and was responsible for redeeming paddy lands, lending to farmers to purchase paddy lands and providing loans for the purchase of machinery for use in the paddy fields. LPPNS was dissolved and replaced with the establishment of the Selangor State Agricultural Development Corporation (PKPS).

PKPS was established on 2 January 1972 under Enactment No. 12 1972 (amendments 1976,1982 and 2005) and commenced operations on 1 March 1973. PKPS is responsible for developing the plantation and agro-based industries to enhance the socio-economic development of the State of Selangor while conducting commercial projects for the benefit of the people.

Although the name has been changed but the activity regarding paddy cultivation is still continued. At the same time, PKPS is also involved in commercial agriculture projects and oil palm plantation development programs for the people of Selangor such as the Bukit Cherakah Green Revolution Plan, Kachong Darat Idle Land Plan and Busut Youth Land Plan.

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