Permata PKPS’21|February-Yasin Recitation & Doa Selamat

Alhamdulillah, the responses in Zoom were phenomenal. Thank you so much to everyone especially to the parents for making our Annual Yasin Recitation and Doa Selamat event successful.

In short, today’s meeting was for the following:

1. Solat Hajat which was limited only to the Staff of Permata PKPS.
2. Yasin Recitation and Doa Selamat with parents in ZOOM.
3. Monthly Teachers Meeting to discuss February’s events and programs.

May this event strengthens the UKHWAH between Permata PKPS, the teachers, and the parents and may we be blessed by Allah SWT.

Thank you again for supporting us through this difficult times.




Yasin Recitation and Doa Selamat


Assalamualaikum to all beloved parents😍 Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, our Annual Yasin Recitation and Doa Selamat event was successful. The responses were phenominal and we would like to thank all parents, Puan Rosnani, chairman of Permata PKPS and council members, and teachers for joining us. We believe that through this event, we could strengthen the UKHWAH among the teachers and parents besides seeking the blessing from Allah SWT and making doa for the safety of all. Thank you again for being our biggest fans and giving us your undivided support all this while.. Together we make it happen!😀



Parents-Teachers Sharing Day (PTS1)


18 JANUARY 2020 – Assalamualaikum everyone! Alhamdullilah Our first Parents-Teachers Session for 2020 is finished! Everything went well and according to plan. Thank you parents for taking your time coming to today’s PTS1😍.Can’t wait for the next one!🤗🤗 Let’s work together for the sake of our children and see you guys on the next Parents-Teachers Session!💕💕