TTPKPS’18 – G2G Animal Garden trip

TTPKPS’18 – G2G Animal Garden trip

December 14, 2018 Off By Norsila

Assalamualaikum to all

During this school holiday, TTPKPS has held numerous activities and visits for the children. The latest being the trip to G2G Animal Garden, MAEPS (13th Dec). The main objective here is to create educational time filler activities aligned with enjoyment and fun for the children. The children were thrilled with the sight of exotic animals here such as parrots, pigeons, ostrich, deer, rabbit garden, large tortoises, goats, etc. They also fed and played with the animals with the aid of the expert rangers there.

TTPKPS hoped the children had fun and enjoyed this trip! and thank you to all the teachers and parents for assisting in the activities!

Attached below is the link to the G2G animal garden trip Album on Facebook

TTPKPS’18 – G2G Animal Garden trip Facebook Album:

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